We have been in Mseleni for just over 2 weeks now. The adjustment to life here has had its challenges.

There’s a slower pace of life here, coupled with no nursery for Joen, which means full time care once again (and thus the institution of a rather nursery-like routine to keep us all sane). Just as the icing on the cake, there’s also no hot water.

Our boiler (or “geyser” as it’s called here) is broken. It has been since before we arrived. Permission to order a new boiler has been asked (but not yet given). When we will actually …

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You wake up, disorientated, on the floor in the lounge, next to your phone.

Blearily you reached out for the phone, and answer its insistent call. Harsh, chirpy hold music plays, and then a nurse answers.

“Doctor, this is Labour ward”.

Communication is difficult – English is not her first language –  but the urgency in her voice is clear. There is a woman bleeding, and they are not sure why.

You end the call, and start casting around for clothes, a pen, a stethoscope. One moment, barely awake, the next, a clear focus, an adrenaline fueled calm.

Despite the

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An actual holiday

I stopped working in the NHS on the 5th  August. It is currently the 7th  of September. Technically, I’ve been on holiday for more than a month now.

It has definitely not felt like a holiday.

Which, actually, is a bit odd : because its shared many of the same components as a holiday.

  • We had a period of time at home, packing, planning, preparing.
  • There was the travel, the cars, the airports, the planes, the baggage, the endless screaming of young children.
  • Finally, we just spent a week in a reasonably nice house –  just like a
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This is the first time in my life where I do not know what is going to happen.

I have an idea, a hope, but a written down secured plan? No.

I thought we did. We’d gotten passports, visas, accommodation confirmed etc etc. But we arrived and the plan changed. We got ill, it turned out there was no job, no purpose, just us trying to figure out what next.

The only thing I’ve been sure about this whole process is that we’re meant to be in South Africa. It’s funny, but we didn’t really pray about going …

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Choice. What an amazing gift.

Many in this world don’t have it. Those that do, generally take it for granted. I know I do.

The choice to move, to vote, go to university, change job, choose what food I eat, what recipe to follow, even what church I go to, what bible app to download… I am privileged and yet I still complain.

The decision “oh what on earth are we going to cook this time?” should become “Wow what shall we cook?!”

bowlsJoen is 3, and part of his stage in life involves becoming aware of choice. One big …

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