Sending Sunday

On Sunday last week, we had our last Sunday at our home church, Boston Christian Fellowship.

Much to Katherine’s dismay, we had been asked to talk about why we were going, what we were doing, and to share a little of what we felt we had heard from God.

Even more to Katherine’s dismay, the preach is available online. If you’d like to hear it, either download the mp3 from the Boston Christian Fellowship website…

…Or you can watch it above – I’m afraid there wasn’t a video of us talking, but I’ve linked the audio recording with our pictures and text to give you a more full idea of some of the visuals we shared.


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  1. Dear Katherine and Chris
    You are amazing children of God.I loved listening to you and your ‘African Dream’ tale.
    I am a South African ‘Zulu Mama’ and I think you will be a joy to anyone you will meet in South Africa.I thank God for sending you there.
    Be blessed.

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