Baby Chris

After a pretty difficult day on call for labour ward, I went in yesterday to check up on the baby I was worried about.

Happily, he is well, but I also discovered that he is now called “Chris” – after me!

I was euphoric for the whole day, telling all the other doctors, and generally grinning a lot. Difficult to explain exactly why, but having a child named after you, its breathtaking. I feel honoured, and undeserving, and protective, and… humbled.

Which is odd, because its an event that could be a big ego builder. “I’m so amazing, mothers name their babies after me…”. Instead, I felt abashed by mum’s appreciation of me.

In the evening yesterday, we went to cell group, and sung In Christ Alone. There is a line in the song that jumped out of the page at me:

From life’s first cry, to final breath.

Challenging as it is, that’s what our patients trust us with. Doctors are stewards of their first awakenings, all the way through the their final moments on earth. It’s a daunting responsibility, and one that can be overwhelming.

The next line in the song puts that concept into a better context: and one that takes “Chris” out of the limelight.

From life’s first cry, to final breath,
Jesus commands our destiny.

When I think of Baby Chris, I’m left with a few thoughts.

I pray that I am worthy of his mother’s trust.
I pray that I am worthy to be his namesake.
I pray that he grows up to know his identify in Jesus.
Christopher means “Carrier of Christ”: I pray for the power of Jesus in both our lives.

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  1. Chris! Ayo shared with me the link to your blog and I’ve been so blessed to read what GOD is doing with and IN your lives!!

    You inspire me to ‘live worthy of the calling’! I’ll be praying for you guys!

    Much love! Xxx

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