An actual holiday

I stopped working in the NHS on the 5th  August. It is currently the 7th  of September. Technically, I’ve been on holiday for more than a month now.

It has definitely not felt like a holiday.

Which, actually, is a bit odd : because its shared many of the same components as a holiday.

  • We had a period of time at home, packing, planning, preparing.
  • There was the travel, the cars, the airports, the planes, the baggage, the endless screaming of young children.
  • Finally, we just spent a week in a reasonably nice house –  just like a self catering holiday, the kitchen was functional, but lacked a pizza cutter. And, like a vacation, it was a week without any particular purpose, no job, meeting new people, but knowing that any relationships would likely have a limited life expectancy.

I feel that the real difference from a holiday and our last few weeks has been simple: this was not what we planned for.

Just like being unemployed, I suspect, does not feel like a holiday; arriving in a rural town thousands of miles from home to discover that you are not meant to be there… is not exactly relaxing.

My prayer life is usually a mix of two things:

  1. Simply spending time with God, trying to be in His presence and hear from him.
  2. Talking to him about specific concerns, needs, hopes, and people.

The last week, I’ve switched to a different model

  1. Spending time with God, trying to be in His presence and hear from him.
  2. Having no idea what to pray about since I’m not sure what we want, need or expect from life whilst we are stuck in the wrong place.

Happily that means I get to focus more on 1, and less on 2: but I’m looking forward to getting a home, a workplace, friends and a place to live out our calling: we feel God wants us “to be”, to rest in God, and walk gently with others. For that, we kinda need “to be” somewhere.

I started the post talking about holiday for a reason: this weekend we left Tonga behind, and drove down to KwaZulu Natal to our new hospital, Mseleni. To break up the 6 hour journey, we decided to stop overnight in a safari park!

We slept in an awesome two story Rondavel, went swimming, ate pizza, and saw Zebra, Impala, Warthogs, Eagles, a crocodile and, err, some Rabbits – (see our photos below). Most importantly, we also felt like we had had a break! Refreshed (well, a bit), we are ready for the next challenge: Mseleni hospital…

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing your experience with us guys! Loving the honesty, God knows what he’s doing even when we don’t. Me & my wife are rooting for the Lowry family! (She looooves your blog)

  2. Hi Guys, Shalom!
    I do have friends in Durban. 25 minutes from Sibaya if you fancy a trip down south. Wishing you well and pray you connect with His purpose pronto. 🙂

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